Timik Group is a Nordic healthcare company, focused on medical devices and equipment for treatment and diagnosis of chronic diseases. We specialize in making the latest advances in medical technology available and affordable to people whose everyday lives are impacted by these conditions.

Timik Group is headquartered in Sweden, and has additional offices in Norway, Finland and Denmark. While our distribution is regional, we source innovative treatment technologies on a global basis.

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Our team

Stein Jacobsen
Chairman & CEO
Tomas Andersen
Business Development Director - Nordic
Jan Johannsen
Finance and Administration Director - Nordic
Torgeir Langholen

Service Director - Nordic

Johan Lerjestam

Business Unit Director - Nordic

Ole-Petter Braathen
Business Unit Director - Nordic
Fredrik Dahlstrøm
Managing Director - Norway
Thomas Långberg
Managing Director - Sweden
Pertti Seitsonen
Managing Director - Finland
Dorte Frank Lund
Managing Director - Denmark
Magnus Appelqvist
Logistics Manager - Nordic
Marianne Holst Queseth

Marketing Director - Nordic


Want to work with us?

Present a new product
If you are a MedTech manufacturer with a new product/innovation within our focus areas, and want to distribute it in the Nordic region, please contact us here.
Medical Professional
If you are a medical professional/purchaser and are interested in becoming a client, please contact us and we'll provide you with more information.
Would you like to join the team that is driving one of the most dynamic and innovative healthcare/MedTech distributors in the Nordic region? Get in touch with us!