Timik Group is a Nordic healthcare company that focuses on medical equipment for treating, diagnosing and managing chronic diseases. This includes migraine, sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory disorders. We specialize in making the latest advances in medical technology available and affordable to people whose everyday lives are impacted by these conditions.

Timik Group’s headquarters are located in Sweden, with additional offices in Norway, Finland and Denmark. While our distribution is regional, we source innovative treatment technologies globally. 

Why Timik means “body” in Inuit. The word expresses both our vision and mission. 

Vision: We are passionate about providing the best medtech solutions available. By focusing on premium technology, innovation and expertise, we improve the daily lives of people suffering from chronic diseases, so that they can enjoy optimal quality of life.

How Timik Group will at all times maintain strict standards of quality and effectiveness of the solutions we offer. We will at all times seek out emerging technologies that show great promise, and follow their development closely. We will strive to be an attractive organization for the calibre of individuals required to carry out our vision.

What Timik Group offers class leading solutions within what is available in life science and medical technology. We aim to give everyone in need the brightest hope of living the best life possible.

Stein JacobsenChairman & CEO

Stein is a seasoned Life Science executive with more than 25 years’ experience as a serial entrepreneur, business developer, CEO and Chairman. He has founded more than 20 successful companies and is today an active angel investor involved in several start-up businesses. Stein has worked globally in large matrix organizations and served as President of ResMed Europe (2009 – 2012). Prior to that, he was President of the Ventilation business unit (2007 – 2009). Stein joined ResMed in 2005, becoming Chief Operating Officer - Nordics, after ResMed´s acquisition of PolarMed Holding AS, a leading medtech distributor in Scandinavia that Stein founded in 1993. Stein holds the equivalent of a B.Sc. in Clinical Engineering from the University of Stavanger, Norway. LinkedIn Profile

Fredrik DahlstrømManaging Director - Norway

Fredrik has over 20 years of experience providing med-tech solutions, serving today as the Managing Director of AkuMed, with 13 employees, the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Timik Group. His career started with technical support and service for then to become Product Manager and Sales Manager. Fredrik combines his technical engineering background with the dedication for clinical physiology that specializes towards cardio, pulmonary and neurodiagnostics, sports medicine and rehabilitation. LinkedIn Profile

Thomas Långberg – Managing Director - Sweden

Thomas is a medical industry specialist with over 13 years of experience. In 2003, he led the launch of PolarMed in Sweden and was instrumental to the growth. When ResMed acquired PolarMed in 2005 he continued in various positions such as Product Manager, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager. Thomas practiced nursing for 11 years in intensive care, anesthetics, and pre-hospital care. He has a diploma in marketing from IHM Business School in Stockholm.

Pertti Seitsonen  – Managing Director - Finland
Pertti has over 20 years of experience providing medtech solutions, serving today as the Managing Director of Timik OY, with 9 employees. His career in med. tech. started in 1995 when he joined Spira as Product Manager. In 2002 he was promoted to Sales Manager in Spira. Pertti combines his technical engineering background with the dedication for clinical physiology that specializes towards cardio, pulmonary and neurodiagnostics, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Dorte Frank Lund  – Managing Director - Denmark
Dorte has worked in the medico industry since 2009 in both sales and marketing for hospitals. Her healthcare background in anesthesia makes her a trustworthy cooperation partner. Dorte has previously worked in Mediq Denmark and Ambu where the main focus was sales and marketing for anesthesia and acute care. In Timik Dorte has the responsibility for service and sales of ventilation and sleep related products for adult in Denmark together with the managing responsibility.

Jan Johannsen – Finance and Administration Director - Nordic

Jan has long experience within the financial area of the medtech industry. He spent 9 years (2006-2014) as Finance Director for ResMed Nordic (a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment for treating, diagnosing, and managing sleep-disordered breathing and other respiratory disorders), and 4 years as Finance & Administration Director for PolarMed Holding AS, building up the Nordic distributor business. Before that he worked 10 years within the IT sector. He holds a BSBA from University of San Francisco.

Tomas Andersen – Business Development Director - Nordic 

Tomas has a background as a physiotherapist, and have been in the medtech industry since 2000. Both in PolarMed and AkuMed he has worked with a wide portfolio, but main focus has been Carefusion RDX. After finnishing his MBA, he was several years General Manager at AkuMed, before his current position as Product Development Manager at Timik Group. Tomas is also involved in Marketing as well as the daily running of Timik in Denmark.


Torgeir Langholen – Service Director - Nordic

Torgeir have long experience with service and support on electronic solutions. He has worked the last 16 years with medtech solutions as Service Manager in AkuMed. The last year he has worked as Service Director – Nordic in Timik. Torgeir has a degree in electronics engineering. He has worked as a teacher in High School, teaching in electronics. After joining AkuMed he has been in charge of setting up training, service and support systems on all our lung functions systems.

Marianne Holst Queseth – Marketing Director - Nordic

Marianne has more than 23 years of experience from Marketing Communication, having served ResMed for the last 13 years as Art Director Global Marketing Communications. She has good experience in the drive of creative execution in Brand Strategy and also in Digital Strategy. Marianne has high expertise in providing ideas, develop and design concepts for a wide range of both digital and print-based marketing materials for global use. Marianne has a degree in Markets Economy and International Market Economy from IHM Business School.

Aleksandra «Sasha» Orekhova  – Digital Marketing Manager - Nordic

Aleksandra is a digital marketer with focus on online advertising, digital branding and Search Engine Optimization. She started her marketing career after completing Master's in European Management in Berlin, where she also worked in the Competitive Intelligence department of a major e-commerce company. Since she moved to Norway she shifted from marketing analysis to digital campaigns implementation and started working with sustainable products, such as educational services and NGOs. She joined Timik as an Intern in November 2017 and became full time Digital Marketing Manager after successfully testing B2C sales of some of our products.

Clara Bravo Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager - Nordic

Clara specializes content marketing, translation and text. She holds a B.A (Hons) in Creative Writing and the English and Creative Writing Prize from University of Roehampton in London. Clara has several years’ experience as a freelancer working with marketing and digital agencies on content for larger companies. She was introduced to the med-tech industry while working for a startup at Forskningsparken in Oslo. Clara joined Timik as a copywriter in August 2017 and became full time Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager at the beginning of 2019.